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OENO: Wine and Food Pairing

UX/UI App Design

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OENO is a phone app that is designed to simplify wine, cheese and food pairing in the style of a quiz. Users are able to save their pairings for future reference, and are able to share results on social media. The UX was tested on various users, and the relevance and accuracy was tested by local sommeliers. The name comes from the name for a “wine lover”, which is oenophile.

Design–wise, the app is fluid like wine, and the colors are inspired by different grapes. The iconography is more organic than tech–inspired, but readable and intuitive.

loading screen homepage hamburger menu tap and hold result pairing result saved pairings


Developing the concept for OENO went through several tests, like UX testing and app flow testing. After nailing down the app’s purpose, special attention was paid to the actual content and how it was going to be presented and be used. The best method was decided to be a quiz–style flow that let target users really consider details about their food and wine for the best pairing, but got them an answer quickly and wasn’t something that could just be Googled. The information and pairing knowledge comes from the Wine Folly book for tasting.

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